Washer Repair

Additional Information

Washer Repair - Top and Front Load Washers.

Repairs range from $89 to $299. Some are a bit more and some a bit less, with many repairs completed the same day you call.

The number one repair issue with front load and top load washers is failing to spin and agitate. 

The second most frequent repair is a washer failing to drain, leaving stinky water behind. 

Finally, here are a few other issues… washers can leak, spin unevenly, walk out of the house on their own, fail to advance through cycles, overfill, under-fill, and fail to fill with water.

Our technicians have years of experience with state of the art front load washers and the good ole 1960s washers and everything in-between.

We can accomplish most washer repairs in an hour or so and on one trip.