Refrigerator & Icemaker Repair

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The Top Refrigerator Issues

Repairs range from $89 to $399. Some are a bit more, and some a bit less, with many repairs completed the same day you call.

Here are the top 5 refrigerator repair issues. 

The most frequent repair issue we see for a refrigerator is the fridge/fresh food section is warm, and the freezer section is working ok.

The 2nd highest-ranking issue with refrigerators is leaking water and/or there is ice & frost forming in the refrigerator.

In all seriousness, if you must have a refrigerator issue, these two are actually good problems. Because there is cooling in the freezer section, these issues or problems mean that the refrigerator cooling system is working.

The 3rd most frequent issue is a refrigerator that will not cool at all. A dead fridge doesn’t always mean that the refrigerator is totally worthless. 8 out of 10 times, a dead refrigerator can be brought back to life affordably and quickly without a new compressor.

The 4th most frequent issue is an ice maker that has stopped working. 

Finally, refrigerators can be noisy, fail to ever cycle off, freeze food in the fridge section, and more.

Most refrigerator repairs are completed in an hour or so on the same day.

We Fix Those Dead Ice Makers Too

We can service and repair every brand of refrigerator ice maker imaginable. Issues can include no water or ice in the door, not making ice, intermittent ice, water line malfunction, faulty water inlet valves, and more. Many ice makers can be repaired, so there is not always a need to replace the entire ice maker.