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We Make House Calls! Our Appliance Repair Service Area Is Within 30 Miles of Dothan. 8am to 6pm Monday through Saturday and after hours emergency service is available.

My Samsung dryer would not start…DEAD. I had another service man come out and he told me it needed a new computer board for $435. I said no thanks. I let it sit for over a year before I called Excel for a second opinion and he fixed my dryer in about 30 minutes and for $129. Surprise, it was not the computer board. Be careful, be very careful who you have come work on your appliances. Excel knows what they’re doing.   furosemide 20 mg to buy Bobby Avery – Dothan, AL – 5-Stars!

You will not find a more promt, polite and professional repair service! Absolutely honest and trustworthy!   http://allisonwestfahl.com/2016/05/11/using-the-rating-of-perceived-exertion-rpe-scale-for-core-envy-exercises/?share=google-plus-1 Micah Johnson – Dothan, Alabama – 5-Stars!

If you want it done right the first time, priced right, repaired quickly and serviced by a real professional, don’t waste your time with the “others”, call Excel. I had one of the “other” companies unprofessional fellows show up at my mothers house. He made her feel uncomfortable, talked down to her and didn’t even do the repair right. Trust me, Excel is the best… they are the real deal.  David Coleman – Dothan, Alabama – 5-Stars! 

Call Now To Set Up Your Appointment for Legendary Service or Text Us Your Questions Anytime: (334) 472-2300

Call not to set up an appointment. We are eager to serve you. You’ll love our legendary service. You can also text us at (334) 472-2300 anytime and ask a question or even set up a service call. During normal business hours we will usually respond within 30-minutes.

The In-Home Diagnostic Service Call Charge is just $89… This Charge Is Waived, Nada, Zero, Zilch, Gratis… FREE With Repair.

No Surprises & No Gotchas!

The $89 in-home diagnostic service call charge is the cost to have a technician come out to your home, diagnose the problem and provide a repair estimate. You will be given a total flat rate repair cost including everything… trip charge, parts & labor and should you decide to complete the repair the $89 diagnostic service call charge is ZERO. If you choose not to complete the repair, just pay the $89 diagnostic service call charge.

The $89 in-home diagnostic service call charge is FREE with repair!

Example: Your washer won’t drain. The cost is just $89 to diagnose in your home. The diagnosis pointed out that you need a new drain pump and the pump replacement cost is a flat rate total of $150 for parts, labor and installation. You tell us to repair the washer and you pay just $150 and the $89 diagnosis is waived. Should you decide not to repair your washer, you just pay $89.

This is a great way to find out if your appliance is worth repairing.

You Don’t Need A Math Degree To Understand Our Flat Rate Pricing. We charge by the repair, not by the hour!

Some service companies have a trip charge, diagnosis fee, labor charge, mileage fee and parts charge and if they don’t have the part in stock, you may pay another trip charge.  We use the National Flat Rate Guide and we will give you one price for the repair that includes everything… trip charge, parts and labor…. Pretty simple huh?

You Don’t Want To Wait All Day For A Repairman And We Don’t Blame You! How About A 2-Hour Window With A 30-minute Call Ahead or Text?

What’s up with the 8 to 5 service window with the cable guy and some other service companies? Really… 8 to 5… are you kidding?

How about a two hour arrival window with a 30-minute call ahead or text?  We never know what troubles we will find once we get inside Mrs. Jones’ refrigerator, so this can make timed appointments difficult. But why wait around all day? We can give you a 2 hour arrival window and we can even call or text 30-minutes ahead of our arrival at your home.  Go about your day and we will touch base when we are on the way.

Lightning Fast Appliance Repair Service. Over 80% of Our Calls Are Completed The Same or Next Day!

We know how frustrating it can be to have an appliance needing repair. Our goal is to get your appliance back up and running properly as soon as possible. Our lightning fast repair service is available. We do place refrigerators and freezers in priority status because of potential food loss. 

We Repair All Home Appliance Makes & Models… And A Few Commercial Models Too!

Ice makers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, stoves, ovens, cooktops and more.


The Brands We Repair… All the good ones!

We service almost all residential brands sold in the USA and a few commercial brands as well. If it is not listed, contact us anyway.

Yes, We Repair LG & Samsung Too!

Emergency After Hours Service

When you have a major refrigerator and freezer issue, food could be lost.  Contact us about after hours availability.  Find out more: Click Here. 

2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. It’s what we do!  If it’s done right… we think it should last!

We are proud to offer an Iron Clad 2-year parts and labor warranty on all parts we install on most repairs.  We want all of our customers to be raving fans. Standing behind each and every repair is just what we do. Please note that there may be a return trip charge, however on most repairs, there will never be an additional parts or labor charge for 2-years on any parts we install… PERIOD! If it is done right, we think it should last a year. Some exclusions apply.

Do It Yourself Repair Help.

Obtain top-notch LIVE appliance repair technical support from a real certified master technician.

Are you handy? With the our Tech Support Program we will help you repair your appliance and save tons of money. We can assist by phone, text or email for a fraction of the in home service call and labor expense.

Click Here To Find Out More About DIY Tech Support

Refrigerator Repair

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.02.41 PM

Repairs range from $89 to $399. Some are a bit more and some a bit less with many repairs completed the same day you call.

Refrigerators are phenomenal pieces of equipment that should last for many years.

Here are the top 5 refrigerator repair issues. 

The most frequent repair issue we see for a refrigerator is the fridge/fresh food section is warm and the freezer section is working ok.

The 2nd highest ranking issue with refrigerators is leaking water and/or there is ice & frost forming in the refrigerator.

In all seriousness, if you must have a refrigerator issue, these two are actually good problems. Because there is cooling in the freezer section, these issues or problems mean that the refrigerator cooling system is working.

The 3rd most frequent issue is a refrigerator that will not cool at all.  A dead fridge doesn’t always mean that the refrigerator is totally worthless. 8 out of 10 times a dead refrigerator can be brought back to life affordably and quickly without a new compressor.

The 4th most frequent issue is an ice maker that has stopped working. 

Finally, refrigerators can be noisy, fail to ever cycle off, freeze food in the fridge section and more.

Most refrigerator repairs can be completed in an hour or so on the same day.

We Fix Those Dead Ice Makers Too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.07.12 PM

We can service and repair every brand of refrigerator ice maker imaginable.

Issues can include, no water or ice in the door, not making ice, intermittent ice, water line malfunction, faulty water inlet valves and more.

Many ice makers can be repaired so there is not always a need to replace the entire ice maker.

Washer Repair

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.01.59 PM

Repairs range from $89 to $299. Some are a bit more and some a bit less with many repairs completed the same day you call.

Washers should last many worry free years, however the number one repair issue with front load and top load washers is failing to spin and agitate. The second most frequent repair is a washer failing to drain leaving stinky water behind. Finally, here are a few other issues… washers can leak, spin unevenly, walk out of the house on their own, fail to advance through cycles, overfill, underfill and fail to fill with water.

Our technicians have years of experience with state of the art front load washers and the good ole 1960s washers and everything in-between.

Our technicians can accomplish most washer repairs in an hour or so and on one trip.

Dryer Repair

Repairs range from $89 to $269. Some are a bit more and some a bit less with many repairs completed the same day you call.

The number one appliance issue by far has been dryers that will not heat. Dryers that do not heat are caused by issues such as thermostats, safety fuses, heater relays, timers, heating elements and sometimes even motors.

Other common dryer problems: Dryer heats but will not spin, takes too long to dry, takes several cycles to dry, squeals, rumbles and is loud & noisy.

Proper dryer service can return most dryers to a like new silent efficient and effective dryer providing many years of service.

WARNING: Is your dryer taking too long to dry clothes?

Call us today for a FREE no obligation inspection.


Vent & dryer cleanings range from $89 to $249. Some are a bit more and some a bit less with many cleanings completed the same day you call.

If you answer ‘yes’, you have two issues lurking… You are potentially in imminent danger of a dryer house fire or an expensive dryer ‘No Heat’ failure.

Click Here To Find Out More And See Real News Articles About Local Dryer Fires!

Dishwasher Repair

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.27.57 PM

Repairs range from $89 to $289. Some are a bit more and some a bit less with many repairs completed the same day you call.

Dishwashers can take a huge workload off in the kitchen, however the number one repair issue with dishwashers is just failing to wash well and the second most frequent repair is a dishwasher failing to drain. Finally, here are a few other issues… dishwashers can leak and fail to fill with water.

Our technicians can accomplish most dishwasher repairs in an hour or so and on one trip.

Oven-Range-Stove-Cook Top Repair

Whether you have a cook top, stove top, oven, wall oven, double wall oven or combination range… glass top or conventional top we repair them all.

Repairs range from $89 to $399. Some are a bit more and some a bit less with many repairs completed the same day you call!

Here are the top 5 stove-oven repair issues. 

The most frequent repair issue we see for a refrigerator is the oven not heating at all or just the bake or broil element working. 

The second highest ranking issue with refrigerators is stove-cook top element not working. 

The 3rd most frequent issue is a stove top element that will be very hot regardless of setting.

The 4th most frequent issue is an oven or cook top that sparks.

The fifth most frequent repair issue with ovens-stoves is a oven that will not heat to the right temperature.

Lastly, an oven or stove with no power at all…nothing happens.

Most oven-stove repairs can be completed in an hour or so on the same day.

We have hundreds of raving fans and a few grouches but our goal is always 100% satisfaction! 

Excellent service! With my hectic schedule, Hal was easy and very cooperative about scheduling the appointment around me. And a bit early. Pleasant person and quick repair. Highly recommend this business! Mary Lummus – Dothan, Alabama – 5 Stars!

Mr. Hal has done work for me on several occasions. He has always been responsive, prompt, courteous and fair with his pricing. I really appreciated when he took the time to answer all of my questions. He was extremely knowledgeable on all the appliances he has worked on for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Brad Hayes – Dothan, Alabama – 5 Stars! 

I needed someone to fix the refrigerator at our Senior Citizen Building and I had someone recommend Excel Appliance Repair. I called them and left a message and Mr. Hal was nice enough to text me that he was out of town and wouldn’t be back until Tuesday. I texted him back and asked him to come and look at it on Tuesday. He came and fixed it and at a reasonable price. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs an appliance fixed. Thank you Mr. Hal.  Rachel Exum – Kinsey, Alabama – 5 Stars!

Hal did a great job on my refrigerator. I noticed something was wrong it, called Hal and he determined it was serious enough to handle quickly. Great service and reasonably priced. Very professional and knowledgeable. Edward Cook – Dothan, Alabama – 5 Stars! 

He was very friendly. Handled everything in a professional and timely manner. Ashley Roberts – Dothan, Alabama – 5 Stars!

The technician was just great. He accommodated me. He was on time. He walked me thru the repair. I understood why I was having the problem. He explained the time and labor. I was very happy with the repair price. He was nice and personable really enjoyed the great service.  Thank you. Donald Wafford – Dothan, Alabama – 5 Stars!

Really fast service. They worked my call into their schedule the same afternoon I called! Thank you so much! Peg Simmons – Ashford, Alabama – 5 Stars!

Great service, fair price. Honest technician. Hard to find these days!! Very satisfied customer!! Ronnie Kelley – Dothan, Alabama – 5 Stars!

He was very professional and knowledgeable, and was at my home when he stated he would be. Will definitely use again if needed. Thank you. Terri Harrell – Dothan, Alabama – 5 Stars!

They stand behind their warranty! My dryer stopped heating again and they came out and took care of it. Turned out to be my circuit breaker. They didn’t charge me a dime more. Bill Winston – Ozark, Alabama – 5 Stars!

Very pleased with service- courteous, knowledgeable and professional . Our service was so good that we have already recommended Excel to others. Scott Lenoir – Taylor, Alabama – 5 Stars!

Start your own home based appliance repair business.

Contact us today about learning more about starting your own home based appliance repair business. Earn a great income while working full or part time and setting your own hours. We can help you do it all from technical training & assistance, what parts to buy, how to price repairs, business set up and effective and affordable marketing that gets your phone to ring from day one.

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